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Wide Range and Full Service

Trend Technologies is a leading manufacturer of precision injection moulded and assembled plastic components.

Besides serving the medical, automotive and ICT sectors, we also provide injection moulding and other manufacturing services for a wide range of other industrial and commercial products including.

  • Electrical contactors and fittings
  • Office furnishing components
  • Building industry products
  • Components for the Instrumentation sector
  • Emergency vehicle radio components
  • Food containers
  • Toys

No matter what sector you are in, if your product requires injection moulded components or assemblies, you can benefit from our many years of experience at Trend Technologies of providing cost-efficient solutions for our wide variety of customers

Our services include prototyping, high and low-volume injection moulding, manual and automated assemblies, and final packaging solutions. Trend Technologies can offer you:

  • A broad range of machines sizes to suit any application
  • Our engineering experience in moulding all types of polymers
  • Lots of post-moulding capability, including decoration, assembly and final packaging
  • On-site logistics team to manage delivery direct to your customer if required
  • Real product design and development support.
  • Competitive pricing through use of automation and lean processes.

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Trend Technologies offers a full range of services from design and development through to injection moulding and supply chain management.

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