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Research and Development

Trend Technologies has internal R&D capabilities as well as established relationships with external R&D partners. Trend’s R&D capabilities are supported by investing the best people, latest technologies, and supporting systems and processes.

Internal R&D

Current internal R&D projects are focused on:

  • Developing methods to achieve lower levels of shear imbalance across cavities (<5%)
  • Reducing tool development lead time by 33% by developing a predictive reverse warpage capability in shrink sensitive injection moulding polymers
  • Developing an injection moulding process platform for low and high volume production tooling to consistently achieve blemish-free cosmetic surfaces.

Collaboration with R&D Hubs and Third Level Institutions

Trend collaborates with R&D Hubs and Third Level Institutions including:

1 – Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) – Industry Hub for Manufacturing Excellence

Trend Technologies is a member of the IMR Additive Manufacturing committee (IMRAM). Trend Technologies’ team is leading 2 research projects in collaboration with IMR and industry colleagues, including:

  • Design of conformal cooling channels for the injection moulding industry
  • Examination of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) process workflow.

2 – I-Form – Educational Hub for Manufacturing Excellence

I-Form is the academic industry partner with 80 PhD and Post-Doctoral research positions.

I-Form will focus on 3 main platforms:

Platform 1: Digitisation of Additive Manufacturing
Platform 2: Additive Manufacturing Process and Simulation
Platform 3: Advanced Analytics and Engineer Feedback

3 – Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) – Educational hub of Polymer Excellence

Trend has sponsored a number of third and final year research projects including:

  • The evaluation of additives for light weighting of plastics
  • Evaluating the processing and physical properties of Softell plastics.

Trend has ongoing involvement in an ongoing AIT recycling research project.

Trend has access to the Applied Polymer Technologies (APT) with a full range of analytical and polymer processing equipment.

R&D Services

Trend Technologies offers customers commercial R&D services in collaboration with academic research partners.