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Precision injection moulding

Trend Technologies has been a leading manufacturer of complex injection moulded components and precision injection moulding for more than three decades.

Our manufacturing and process engineers have the expertise and experience to provide the solution you need, from high-cavity complex twin shot production cells producing millions of components per month to single-cavity large housings with demanding cosmetic requirements.

Shortest lead times

Using SMED to deliver quick turn around on tool changes, real time production monitoring to provide up to the minute information, and a robust tool and machine maintenance programme, Trend will always achieve the maximum possible output from your tooling.

Among the benefits of this approach to precision injection moulding:

  • You can order smaller lot sizes
  • Lead times for delivery are minimised
  • Reducing the total number of tools in large programmes brings significant savings on capital investment

Conventional injection moulding solutions

Our highly skilled team of process engineers have experience in processing the most challenging engineering polymer materials, including PEEK, PVC and liquid crystal polymers.

Using “design of experiments”, “window studies” and other tools for optimum processing conditions, our experts develop robust and reliable processes to deliver consistent product quality day after day. Our conventional injection moulding solutions include:

  • High cavitation tools – up to 96 cavities
  • Fast cycling solutions, regardless of complexity
  • Cleanroom moulding where required
  • Component sizes from 0.1g to 5kg
  • Complex hot runner systems for trouble-free processing

Specialised injection moulding

We also provide specialised injection moulding solutions, including:

  • Multi-shot  – rotating platen, spin form, or bolt-on injection unit
  • Overmoulding – TPE on hard plastic
  • Insert moulding – stainless steel shafts or metal pressings
  • In mould assembly – auto loading of metal or plastic components
  • Gas assisted injection
  • Structural foam moulding
  • In mould decoration (IMD) or in mould labelling (IML)

Our design and manufacturing engineers can help you to eliminate or combine components into single assemblies.

We use our multi-shot machines to mould two or more components into one piece, giving you a lower cost assembly or in many cases creating a two-piece component which could never be matched through bonding or mechanically assembly processes. For lower volume programmes, overmoulding of one polymer onto another is a cost effective way to create the same effect.

We have extensive experience of using insert moulding processes for customers in the medical sector who need to encapsulate metal parts within plastic moulded components. Clients also benefit through a simplified supply chain and the elimination of secondary processes in their manufacturing operations.

For large housings moulded with exceptional visual appearance, we can employ technologies such as gas assisted or structural foam moulding. These technologies facilitate the production of thick walled components free of “sink marks”, and reduce part weights and cycle time. The benefits are both higher quality and lower cost.

Further product enhancements can be achieved through the use of IMD or IML – technologies which open up countless possibilities in terms of product appearance.

Equipment list

With 45 moulding machines – ranging from 25 to 750 tonnes and all fitted with robotic take out systems and other product-handling equipment – Trend Technologies can meet any injection moulding challenge. Our equipment also includes:

  • 15 machines within our class 10,000 clean room
  • Several “all electric” moulding machines
  • Multi-shot machines – rotating platen or spin form
  • Central material feed system
  • All machines with diagnostics and process history software
  • “Vision system” automated inspection where required
  • Automated in-line printing and packaging systems
  • Real-time production monitoring systems linked to all machines

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Trend Technologies provides solutions to customers in the medical, automotive, ICT and industrial sectors.

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