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Tooling and automation

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Trend Technologies’ team of experienced tooling and automation engineers consistently deliver outstanding results for our customers. Their tooling expertise brings real value, plus peace of mind.

Do you have some injection moulding tools that you wish you had built differently?  Have you been let down by early tool failure in plastics manufacturing? Or have you been affected by substandard plastic component quality due to tooling issues?

Or perhaps your plastic moulding tools are performing well, but you know that you are paying more for them than can be justified by the volumes required.

If you can relate to these problems, then you should talk to a member of our tooling team.

At Trend Technologies our engineers never decide on a tooling solution without also looking at all options to automate the production process. Working together, our tooling and automation engineers will develop a total solution which will save you money over the life of the project, and minimise risk to the supply chain. The benefit for you is:

  • Reliable tooling that will last for the lifetime of the project
  • Lowest component prices through best cycles and clever use of automation

Innovative solutions

Don’t assume that getting a respected toolmaking company to build a good quality standard tool for your project is automatically as good as it gets. At Trend, we always look for an innovative way to give our customers an edge. There is almost always a better way.

If your project is high volume or the components are very complex – perhaps with tight tolerances or using high-performance engineering polymers – then our engineers know how to help you. They can also involve specialist inputs from our high-quality tooling partners in Europe, the US and globally.

Together we can develop solutions which will guarantee the best possible overall cost to you over the life of the project.  Benefits for you include:

  • Reliable tools that will produce several million shots
  • Lowest component price – resulting from exceptionally low cycles and integrated automation solutions
  • Fewer tools required – because of higher outputs per tool. On large programmes, you save on capital investment
  • Better quality, with absolute part to part consistency within multi cavity tool
  • Shot to shot consistency with exceptional dimensional stability and cp/cpk performance
  • In-mould added value where possible – multi-shot components, in-mould decoration, or in-mould assembly

Chinese tooling

Does your project demand low-cost Chinese tooling? Few suppliers can offer the level of experience and expertise that you will find within our tooling team when it comes to working with Chinese and other Asian toolmakers.

For more than 25 years, Trend has been building tools in Asia. Initially it was Japan, and later Korea and Taiwan, but of course today – most of the low cost tooling programmes are sourced from China.

Currently Trend works with five trusted Chinese tooling partners. Over the past three years our engineers have managed the building of over 100 tools with these partners. They have seen all of the pitfalls, and understand all of the risks.

Mistakes can easily be made, so if your need is to have China-level tool prices, then it is best that you work with a company that understands how to avoid the risks. That is the best way to benefit from the exceptional value that is available in the region.

Our expertise in Chinese tooling can benefit you through:

  • Eliminating the risk. Trend engineers will manage the project, and Trend will take on any associated risk
  • Achieving huge savings on capital investment. Typically 30 – 60% compared to western pricing
  • Shorter lead times – typically two-thirds of western toolmakers lead times
  • Good quality tooling. Selected and managed properly, Chinese toolmakers can deliver high-quality tools which will produce millions of shots

Do you already have a tooling partner?

Some of our customers have in-house tooling expertise and prefer to source the tooling themselves. Our tooling engineers will be happy to work with your selected partner in order to bring your project on stream smoothly.


In summary, the Trend Technologies offer for plastics tooling and automation includes:

  • Selecting the tooling strategy that best matches your needs
  • Obtaining the most competitive tooling quotes from capable partners anywhere in the world
  • Providing dedicated design for manufacture (DFM) support to your product design team.
  • Moldflow analysis and other computer simulation aids
  • Full management of the tool build and validation process
  • Identifying opportunities for automating the production process (building the tools with automation in mind)
  • Developing appropriate automation solutions which also take into account the production line requirements of our customers.
  • Implementing those solutions on your behalf. Managing the build and validation processes.

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