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Supply chain management

Supply chain managementAt Trend Technologies we believe it is important to examine each aspect of the supply chain process to make sure all factors are operating with the greatest degree of efficiency.

Our effective information management system ensures that we meet your procurement needs and improve the long-term performance of the supply chain.  Our goal is to manage and reduce your costs throughout the supply chain.

Cost effectiveness

Our design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities create added value, applying inventory strategies such as JIT (just in time) and the Kanban just-in-time philosophy.

We can help you to streamline your component supply chain, reducing lead times and maximising the cost effectiveness of the component produced.

At Trend Technologies we also manage an established world-class supply base, which we leverage to ensure the keenest prices for your resin and components purchases. We build constructive relationships with suppliers in areas of new product development and innovative technologies.

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